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113 Old Mill Road
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OG: Original Gravity ABV: Alcohol by Volume *SRM: Standard Reference Method IBUs: International Bitterness Units

Ashton Amber OG: 1052 ABV: 5% SRM: 12 IBUs: 32
    Amber beers are a style that fall between light pale ales and brown ales.  They are generally categorized as pale ale.  This beer is dark amber in colour, has traces of citrus in its aroma, and one can pick up hints of caramel and coffee in its full bodied flavour.  Though it is fairly well hopped (32ibu), the robust character and complexity of this fine amber turns it into nectar of the gods that no serious beer drinker should pass up.

Ashton Cream Ale OG: 1050 ABV: 5% SRM: 6 IBUs: 20
    Traditionally cream ales were made by ale brewers trying to simulate lagers.  Many of these brewers added flaked corn to the recipe to give it a smoother, creamier taste, hence the name "cream ale".  Ashton cream is made with a combination of grains, these include pale malted barley, carastan malt, and wheat flakes.  The beer has a light golden colour, is moderately hopped, and has a creamy mouth feel.  Using sazz hops for aromatics, imparts a slightly floral nose and may cause pilsner drinkers to think they have just ordered their favourite Czechoslovakian pils.  This is a great beer for people that are not convinced that they like the traditional British ales, but want a premium beer with a north American flare.

Ashton Harvest Brown Ale OG: 1060 ABV: 6% SRM: 15 IBUs: 18
    Our brown ale is a brown with bite, at 6% it is stronger than the traditional brown ales.  With its smooth body, inventive hopping, and deep roasted flavours, itís so well balanced that itís hard to detect the slight increase in alcohol content.  It’s a beer that makes it hard to say no to a second.

Session Ale OG: 1040 ABV: 4% SRM: 4 IBUs: 13
    This beer is the least aggressive of the Ashton selections at 3.8%.  Whether you are looking for something light on a hot summer’s day, or taking your first step into the microbrew world and are not too adventuresome, this is the beer for you.  It’s fresh taste and light flavour never fails to satisfy.

HopStravaganza OG: 1052 ABV: 5% SRM: 7 IBUs: 40
    First brewed in England for troops in India during the late 1700s.  To withstand the voyage, IPAs were tweaked Pale Ales that were much more malty, boasted a higher alcohol content and were well hopped.  It is believed that troops were served watered-down versions of the beer while officers and the elite enjoyed it at full strength.  Over the decades, alcohol content lowered due to taxation so less need for malt and hop presence to keep beer balanced.

    Hopstravanganza is a traditional style English IPA, brilliant pale color with flavor and aroma citrus notes up front.  Bitterness starts softly †yet sharpens quickly towards the end...and it lingers.

Vanilla Stout OG: 1061 ABV: 5.5% SRM: 45 IBUs: 70
    Stouts, in the early 1700s, were traditionally the generic term for the strongest†dark brown beers popular with street and river porters of London.  By the†last part of the 19th century, they'd gained the reputation of being a healthful, strengthening drink, so that it was used by athletes and nursing mothers, while doctors often recommended it to help recovery.

    Deep, robust and richly rewarding, this is beer to linger over.  Distinct notes of chocolate, roasted malt and black barley ... and with just enough hop bite to cut the sweetness.  Vanilla flavor is subtle, most prevalent in the aroma and imparts a silky palate.

*NOTE:   SRM is a scale measuring the colour of the beer.

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